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Selected works from the past 3 years

Leading design at Side for 2.5 years, I helped companies become more autonomous when posting a job, increase the conversion & application rate on mobile, minimize operational costs by making dispatch user friendlier, gather and structure data for better profile qualification and spread the company’s culture.


At Side, companies used to have to write a job description in order to post on the platform. This was time-consuming and confusing for a lot of them. The sales team spent most of their time calling back the clients to make sure they understood their needs and write the job offer again.

The goal of this project was to ensure that most companies post their job offer autonomously while being reassured about the whole hiring process.


January 2017


At the time, the list of jobs on Side's mobile app was hardly usable: Siders weren't seeing the information they really needed in order to decide if they were interested in a job or not, hence doing a lot of back and forth between the list and the details and having an overall bad experience.

The goal was to really understand how our users were picking their jobs and then making that information readable.


July 2017


Side's value proposition lies in its matching system between companies and Siders: businesses share their needs through the platform and Side finds the fitting profile. To achieve that, Side needs clean and actionnable data, which is first inputed by users.

The goal of this project was to get clear on what we needed to ask our Siders in order to qualify their profile properly, and figure out how we were going to ask these aforementioned information while keeping a smooth experience: filling out your resume is often pretty boring, we needed to make that part the least painful possible.


January 2018

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I'm a 27 y/o French designer passionate about solving problems, building experiences and tools. Thanks to my experiences in web development, I have a hybrid profile that makes me sensitive to technology as well as images.